Baju Kebaya

 A Kebaya or more correctly 'kain-kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress combination worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, and some parts of Cambodia.

 It sometimes made from sheer material . There are variations to this dress. But this costume is more "modern" and is more body hugging and worn either short - up to the waist - or longer down above the knee. And it is worn or complemented with a sarong, usually of batik or songket, or other traditional women garment such as ikat,songket with a colourful motif although other fabrics with plain and colorful designs are also popular.

Our teenagers are more prefer to wear baju kebaya than baju kurung because it makes them look more traditional and at the same time it can protect their country heritage which is kebaya from extinction.

In addition, when we are wearing baju kebaya it shows a symbol of Malay ladies that full of gentleness, humble and polite. Nowadays, in market we can found a lot of baju kebaya with an affordable price…..so we can afford to buy it.


Nur Liyana Rusli said...

interesting fact on kebaya..really impressed with our own unique style of clothing..

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